Hello, everyone!  I want to let you all know that this year, I’ve decided to start an adventure blog.  I originally toyed with the idea of a travel blog, but I decided that I like the idea of an adventure blog even better.  I don’t just want to travel; I want to go on grand adventures!  Some of my adventures might take me to far off places, while others might only take me a few hours from home.  But whatever distance I travel, I’m going to have fun and share my experiences here on my blog for any one who wants to read them.IMG_4490


I decided to start writing about my adventures as well as post my pictures, because I would like to get out of my comfort zone a little bit more this year (“New year, new me,” and all of that).  As you can probably tell by looking at what I’ve posted on my website so far, I’m comfortable taking pictures, drawing, and being behind the scenes; on most of my posts I put very little text or description.  This is partially because I want my work to speak for itself, but mostly because I’m not very comfortable with writing.  So, to get out of my comfort zone a little bit, I will add some writing to go along with the photography that I post.  The photos I post will be ones that I take on my camera (Nikon D3300) or less serious photos I’ve taken on my phone.  I’m hoping to eventually start taking pictures with a GoPro as well, but for now, my pictures are from my Nikon or my iPhone 6s.  I still plan on posting plenty of my photos, drawings, and videos, so feel free to check those out as well!



camera 3177While I’d like to tell you this is something I’ve been thinking and planning about for months, in reality it’s something I’ve been thinking about for less than a week now.  But I figure there’s no point in sitting around thinking about doing something; if you want to do it, make it happen.  I’ve decided just to wing it, like some of the best adventures, and I’ll make it up as I go and hope for the best.  That’s more my style anyway.  So I guess in reality, the first big adventure I’ve decided to take this year is starting this blog!  This might not seem like a grand adventure, but I’m diving in head-first into something I an not yet comfortable with, so it feels like a big adventure for me.  I hope you enjoy all of my adventures, big and small, and here’s to 2018 being the best year yet!

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