Hawaii Chapter 1

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Hawaii… where do I even start? I spent the first two weeks of the year sitting on beaches, feeding sharks, and scuba diving! Not too bad, if you ask me. My older brother Bob is in the U.S. Navy, working on nuclear submarines.  Recently, his sub was stationed in Hawaii, so my family and I had no complaints about spending Christmas with him there. In terms of the blog, I’ve decided I’m going to split my Hawaiian adventure into 2 posts, the first chapter being the first week of the trip. My parents could only stay one week with my siblings and me in Hawaii, so Chapter 2 might be where it gets a little more interesting.  I spent the second week getting into mischief with just my 3 siblings, with no adult supervision.  So, before I post Chapter 2, enjoy the first week of my Hawaii trip, which may have been supervised by my parents, but in reality, was no less exciting than my second week there.


After our first swim in the ocean

The first few days of our vacation were spent relaxing. Our family rented a house right on the beach, so obviously the first thing my younger siblings John and Maggie and I did was get our swimsuits on and got into the ocean. Despite the fact it was raining, the water was still pretty warm. What we didn’t expect, however,  is how big the waves really were.  We did some boogie boarding and got beaten up pretty badly by the waves. I ended up with an incredible amount of sand in my hair, which took me a week to get out! Despite all of that, we couldn’t wait to get back in the water the next day.


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Hanging out at Waimea Bay

The first beach we went to was Waimea bay. This beach was a bit crowded, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.  We should have listened to all the signs that were posted saying “Dangerous Shorebreak”, because once again, the water was not ideal for boogie boarding.


We looked for a calmer beach, which brought us to the beach called Sharks Cove. There were a lot of rocks at this beach, so the waves were getting broken up before they hit the shore. We hung up our boogie boards and brought out the snorkeling gear. The water was so clear, and watching the waves break on the rocks was like something out of a movie! Overall, this might have been my favorite beach that we went to.

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Sharks cove

The last beach was out towards Kaena Point, where we just decided to drive and pull

Yes John barried himself

over at the first nice beach we came across. My favorite thing about this beach is that it wasn’t crowded and there weren’t that many rocks, which means we were able to play some beach football. This is somewhat of a tradition in my family; whenever we go on a beach vacation, we always play 2-hand touch on the beach. With a victory under our belts, we went home and got up the next day for another awesome day in paradise.


After hitting the beaches pretty hard we decided to check out the Dole Plantation.There are three things to do at the plantation: the Pineapple Express (it’s nothing like the movie), the Plantation Garden Tour, and my personal favorite: the Pineapple Garden

Pineapple Maze

Maze. The Pineapple Express was an educational train ride through the Plantation, where we learned all about how pineapples are grown and the history of the Dole plantation. I know I’ve become an adult because I actually had fun learning about pineapples and the history! The Maze is one of the largest mazes in the world! It’s different than any of the other mazes I have done, because it’s more of a game than a maze. They have little kiosks in the maze where they give you a little card to stamp. Once you have all the stamps,  you can exit. What made it even more fun was that my sister and I went off by ourselves and tried to race the rest of the family. Little did we know at the time, my two brothers had the same idea because we almost ran into them one time and learned that they were also racing. Because our whole family is so competitive, after that, we picked up speed and managed to beat them by less than a minute. The brochure said it should take about an hour, but we managed it in 32 minutes! We had to wait another ten minutes for our parents to exit the maze at their own pace. A little out of breath, we headed over to the garden for a relaxing stroll.

Family at the Dole Plantaion

The day after the Dole Plantation, we decided to take surfing lessons. We woke up early, got our gear, and headed to the surf beach. Our dad booked us lessons with the North Shore Surf Girls.   I was entirely focused on paddling and trying to stay on my board. After a fun two hours of surfing, we all struggled to paddle back to the shore (our instructor made it look like the easiest thing in the world).


The  next day, we all woke up a little sore from the surf lessons, but we were pretty excited to get on the boat and do some deep sea fishing. We all got on the boat and sailed out to open water. As we were heading out, the captain pointed out to the distance and the first thing we saw on this deep sea fishing adventure was huge whales. I’ve never

John not catching anything

seen anything so big in my life!Soon after that, the whales  were practically right under our boat, and I was amazed at how big the whales were close up.ut of the bay, the captain started slowing down the boat so that we could look over the side,where there were sharks practically circling the boat. Then captain threw a line in the water and started fishing. He was only fishing for bait. Then he started messing with sharks by putting  a fish carcass in the water to keep the sharks from snatching the fish on his line. The sharks went nuts! They were all trying to get at this fish carcass; I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! Soon we left the sharks behind, and unfortunately, the rest of the day was pretty disappointing because we didn’t catch anything, there wasn’t  even a nibble! We still left the boat with fish that they caught earlier, and still feeling the excitement of seeing the sharks and whales up close. Poke made with fresh tuna caught that day is simply amazing! 10/10 would recommend.


Gearing up for scuba diving

After filling up on some amazing fish, we went to bed dreaming of sharks, whales, and a whole lot of fresh fish. We got up the next morning and headed out to the bay once more, but this time, we boarded a boat not to go fishing, but to swim with the fish on a scuba IMG_6931diving adventure! We hopped aboard the Anger Management (yes, that was really the name of the boat). We strapped on our gear, stepped of the boat, and descended to the bottom of the ocean. Once we all got down, we swam around, seeing turtles, a barracuda, and even quite a few octopuses! Overall, the trip had amazing dives in some pretty incredible water. The day was still young when we exited the Anger Management and head to our first ever luau, which we soon found out, is the thing to do if you go to Hawaii. We got three drink tickets, awesome food, and great entertainment. My brothers did some embarrassing dancing on stage, and I killed it learning to Hula dance. We left the Germain’s luau with full bellies and smiles on all our faces.


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Maggie leading the boys into battle, taken at Pearl Harbor

The next day, we all got up and started to pack our bags and said goodbye to our beach house. After packing up the car, we headed off to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. We wanted to go on the Arizona  Memorial tour, but they only had two tickets left, so my parents were the only ones able to go.So the kids all headed off to the Bowfin, which is a World War II submarine that was made into a museum. We toured the submarine, which was pretty fun, because it was interesting learning a little bit more about what my older brother does. We met up with our parents and went off to Bob’s house where we would be staying for the second week of the trip, which I will tell you about in Chapter 2.


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The whole family before my parents take off


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