The Big Move


Yes I am moving! I’ve lived in New Mexico my whole life and for the past few years I have wanted to move to a new state and experience new things, and I’m finally getting to do just that. I recently got a new job in Colorado Springs so I packed up my whole life and headed up to Colorado!

If you read my previous post you’ll know I just got back form Hawaii which only gave me about 2 weeks to pack up all my stuff and head up to the beautiful Colorado Springs. Now you might think this is crazy, only having 2 weeks to pack everything and move out,

The Big Move_1
All my stuff crammed in my car

but for me its pretty easy. I was lucky enough to move in with my 2 best friends who provided most of the furniture and kitchen supplies. So when I moved in with them two years ago the only things I had where my bed room stuff. Not much has changed in the last two years so I still only have my bedroom stuff. This makes it really east to pack everything up. I only used 5 boxes! The items that take up the most room in my car are actually my camping and back packing stuff! The night before I left my sister and I crammed everything into my Nissan Xterra. The only important thing I left behind was my bed! Hopefully I’ll be able to move it up soon son I don’t have to sleep on a blow up mattress to long.

The Big Move_2

This move was so sudden that I didn’t even have time to find a place to move into so I got a hotel room at the Econo Lodge and I just hopped I could find a place soon! I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend, Keith, who was willing to drive up to Colorado Springs and help me move and get settle! We left Albuquerque bright and early on Saturday, and started the 6 hour drive to my new home town!

We arrived around lunch time and obviously we had had to go to a brewery for lunch. We decided on Trinity Brewery. The beer was really good and we had the BBQ Mac and Cheese which was amazing! Lunch went by way to quickly and then we got to work finding me a new place to live. I had called a few apartment complexes the week before so I had a good idea of the places I wanted to visit. We toured a nice place that was a bit out of my price range and talked to a few more that were well outside of my budget. Around five o’clock Saturday we headed to the hotel a little dejected. Finding an apartment in my price range was going to be a little harder then I thought.

Apartment complexes don’t do tours on any leasing on Sundays so Keith and I decided to take the day and see what Colorado Springs has to offer! We are both big into hiking and

If you don’t take a selfie are you really there?

the outdoors so we started the day by checking out Garden of the Gods. Which is a national land mark just west of Colorado springs. It has amazing rock structures and some pretty beautiful mountain vistas. The trails in the middle of the park are all paved and easy to hike. It took us about 45 minutes to walk around all the rock structures Would recommend checking it out even if your just passing though. I did see some unpaved trails before you get to the huge rocks that I might check out at a later date.

The view at Garden of The Gods

After our hike we decided to take my Xterra on an off roading trail. So we got on All Trails, which is an amazing app that you can look up all kinds of trail. They have all kinds of trails and great descriptions and maps of the trails. If you don’t all ready have it

The Big Move_3

you should check it out. We picked a moderate trail called Schubarth and hit the road. It was snow packed and icy but a blast. I had not done much off roading and wanted to learn. So started driving and Keith sat patiently in the passenger seat giving me tips. About an hour or so in we switch and hybrid the more difficult section, thank goodness. The trail got pretty rough we actually saw a car that was stuck in a frozen stream! Me being new to this I would have defiantly gotten stuck or broken my car, but with Keith’s skillful driving we made it out after 2 hours of fun and headed back to the city!

The Big Move _4
Car stuck in frozen river.

We stopped by another brewery on our way to the hotel called storybook brewery. This brewery was pretty good I really like the atmosphere. There were storybook on every table and kinda looked like you were inside a castle. We got a flight of different beers they had to offer. I personally liked the Gose but Keith liked there nitro. Once the beers were all gone we we used to go see the greatest showman. The movie with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. All I have to say about that movie is WOW!!! I’m in love such a great movie, amazing costumes, the cinematography was unbelievable, and the songs are so catchy. Totally suggest you go see it! After the movie we headed home to catch some zzz’s.

Woke up the next morning and hit it hard apartment hunting. We saw 3 apartments before I had a work meeting to go to at 10. Then we got back at it after lunch and finally found one in my budget and in a good neighborhood! This we such a relif. So we got all the necessary paper work together and sent in my application. Then there was nothing to do but wait and hope I got approved. So it being Keith’s last day in Colorado we decided to head up to Denver early and hit some outdoor shop as and have a nice dinner before his flight.

The Big Move_5
Key Lime Pie Martini

We went to and REI (one of my favorite stores ever) and Colombia and North Face outlet stores. Unfortunately because moving is so expensive I didn’t buy anything but I could still look. Then it was off to a nice dinner at The Bent Fork were we got some drinks and amazing food! My favorite thing I had was my key lime pie martini, yes it was as delicious as it sounds. We still had time to kill after dinner so we hit up one more brewery before Keith had to leave. This one was called Ursala, it was a cute little place and the bar tender was awesome. After finishing our beer we went to the air port and said our good byes, and I drove back to Colorado springs all by my self.

The Big Move_6
Because I love Bagels

I was a little lonely that night but I was pretty tiered so I was passed out before it even bothered me. Woke up the next morning and went to an einstines bagel shop got some tea and a bagel and hopped I would get a call saying I got the apartment. Thank goodness I didn’t have long to wait. They called and said I was approved and I set up a time to sign the lease. After sign the lease and paying for the first months rent I started to move all my stuff into my new apartment.

My new place is on the third floor, which I was excited about cause it had a really nice view but I didn’t consider that I had to carry all my stuff up 3 flights of stairs by my self! Thank goodness I didn’t bring a lot of stuff! After countless trips up and down the stairs I finally get everything out of my car and into my apartment. At this point I had to take a break and just sat there pretty exhausted, but once I caught my breath I started putting everything where it belonged. After that was all said and done it was dinner time! Called and got a pizza delivered and popped the bottle of Champagne I had been saving. I put on some Netflix and enjoyed my Champagne and pizza in my new apartment!

The Big Move_7
View from my apartment

Moving was and amazing adventure with some ups and downs, more ups thankfully, but I’m now living a dream I’ve had for years! I couldn’t be happier and I’m so thankful to every one who helped me and supported me. I can’t wait to see what adventures Colorado will bring!

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  1. I think you might need to get some snow gains if you are going off roaring in the winter!

    Sounds like you had quite an adventurous week.


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