7 Things On Oahu You Should Do

I had some time recently to sit down and think about all the fun I had in Hawaii and I came up with the 7 things I loved doing most.

Little brother not catching anything

1. Deep Sea Fishing

Although we didn’t catch any thing when I went it was still an amazing experience where I got to see sharks and blue whales. The best part was taking some fish home for dinner!

2. Sharks Cove

By far my favorite beach we went to! It was not like the other beaches we went to on the island. It was very rocky, which helped break the waves and made it possible to do some snorkeling! Awesome spot to get some pretty amazing photos!

3. Scuba Diving

Any time I go to the ocean I will always want to scuba dive, but the waters of Hawaii are pretty amazing. Beautiful shades of blue and as clear as it gets. It was also really warm and we went in early January!

4. Giovanis shrimp truck

I think this is a very touristy thing to do because everything that I researched said to go get their world famous shrimp! I have to agree! The shrimp was great. It is a bit pricey but you get a good amount of food! Also if your into coconut get an ice cold whole coconut and the food truck next to Giovanis!

5. Visit Pearl Harbor

There is so much history there! And getting to actually walk on a submarine they used was pretty amazing. A great place to learn more about our country.

6. Waikiki beach and Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon

This beach is a bit more of a tourist hot spot then sharks cove is but with the lagoon right next to it and paddle board and kayak rentals right on the beach it’s must see! The water is so warm and there’s a bar almost right on the beach, so spend the day splashing around in the water and get some Hawaiian themed drinks at the bar and watch the sunset!

7. Go to a luau

if your planning on going to a luau do some research because there are not luaus every night. We when to Germaine’s Luau which was a blast! They really interacted with the crowd and I got to go up on stage and learn a few hula moves!

I’m sure no matter what you do in Hawaii it will be a blast, but it always helps to get a little help from people who have been there! Let me know what your favorite place is in Hawaii!!

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