Leinenkugel Brewery


Summer-Shandy_0You might think there there is not a lot to do in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin but that is where you are wrong my friend. There is this little place called The Leinenkugel Brewery! They are a pretty well known brewery and one of there most popular beers is the Summer Shandy that they make. I recently got the chance to tour the main brewery and it was an adventure I suggest everyone take.

First off before you even go on the tour you enter the Leinenkugels Lodge, which is an amazing place filled with any short of Leinenkugel item you can think of! They have the obvious stuff like shirts and beer koozies but then when you start looking around you start seeing the more interesting stuff like dart boards and rain ponchos. My personal favorite was the cribbage board! After you spend about an hour just looking around the lodge then your ready to embark on the actual tour.

Leinie Lodge

Now the best part about this tour is the price! Its only $10 and you can either get five 5oz samplers and a complimentary glass or you can get 2 12oz beers and a complimentary glass. Only $10 for a tour of a brewery and you get beer and a glass with it! Not a bad

Leinenkugel glass
5oz sample glass

price if you ask me. The tour is pretty great as well. I went on a Tuesday in the dead of winter so it was just me and my 2 friends on the tour. We learned tons of cool facts about the brewery its self and a bit about how beer is made. One of my favorite facts was the fact that Leinenkugal sends any of its excess mash to cattle farms so nothing goes to waste! Also they stayed open during the prohibition by selling flavored soda water. This turned out to be a great idea because people were buy flavored soda water to mix with the terrible back wood illegal alcohol that was the only thing available at the time. Over all the tour was really fun and informative.

Seeing as we went to Wisconsin in the dead of winter there was not a lot of activities to do since we didn’t really want be outside for long amounts of time the solution to tour a brewery was the best decision I made that weekend! Still weather you go in the dead of winter or in the middle of springs tour then Leinenkugal Brewery will be something you wont regret!


To find out more about the tour, prices and events check out their website: https://www.leinie.com/

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