Back In Wisconsin

Well I went back to wisconsin… not as long as last time, but still in the dead of winter! I went to a different small town this time and it was only about a 30 minute ride from Greenbay! So after a long weekend of working I headed to Greenbay.

Green Bay
Lambeau Field

After getting the chance to sleep in a bit I took the 30 minute car ride and made it to Greenbay, the first thing on the itinerary was obvioulsy to go check out Lambeau Field home of the Greenbay Packers. Now I am not a Greenbay fan by any means but getting IMG_0292the chance to view and NFL football field is hard to pass up, especially one with so much history. As we drove up even looking at the field from the outside was pretty impressive. I sometimes forget how big stadiums can be! we entered in through the gift shop and was instatnly overwhelmed with how much green and gold there was. Once again there was an impressive amount items that could be bought, and obviously there was a truck load of cheese hats, literally. Then I got my ticket to take the tour.

I decided on the Legendary Tour only because that was the tour that was leaving the soonest. If you would like to check out all the different types of tours and prices go to: they have a bunch of different types and I don’t want to bore you by explaining all of them when there’s already a website that does that! The tour took the group all over the stadium. We got to enter one of the suites and even went on to the roof. There was a lot of talk about the history of the stadium and of the team, and there is a lot of it! If you want to learn all about it I guess you’ll have to go on the tour yourself 😉 Well all that walking and talking obviously made me pretty thirsty so I decided to stop by the Lambeau Field bar call 1919.

Lambue Field
Field getting a make over

After getting a drink it was starting to get late but there was one more place I wanted to go, Neville Public Museum. This might have been a smaller museum  then I thought it was going to be but they were still able pack a lot of cool stuff in there. My favorite was the art that they were showing at the time. It was art form the local art school and they had many different mediums on display. Then there was the bigger exhibit that had me walking through time! It was pretty cheap and well worth the money. Also it was situated pretty much on the river so the view at sunset was amazing.

Green Bay
What a view!!

I may not have gotten a lot of time to spend in Green Bay but the time was still worth it! hopefully next time I get the chance it will be in the spring time or summer time so I can check out all the outdoor activities Green Bay has to offer!

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