National Park Adventures: Olympic & Mt. Rainier

National Park adventures are some of my favorite adventures. Its no secret that I love the outdoors and, visiting National Parks are a great way to do that. I was recently went to Washington state for work and on my days off I spent some of my days off at Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Park, and all I have to say is Wow!

Olympic National Park

I started out early in the morning and headed up to Olympic National Park, I was staying in a small town called Olympia so the drive was only about two hours. It was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve seen in a while! There are trees everywhere and it feels like your driving though a fairy tail. I hit the Visitor Center, which was actually just a little ways out of the small town and grabbed a map and headed out to explore.

View to the top of Hurricane Ridge

The first thing on the to do list was to drive to the top of Hurricane Ridge. This is the tallest point in the park. There is some hiking you can do around the top and some pretty spectacular views. After taking a good long look I decided to head down.

seattle-100Next on  the list was to hike to a waterfall! I am a huge sucker for waterfalls, I love them! this particular waterfall was called Sol Duc waterfall. The trail to get to it is an easy one and not even a mile in you come to the waterfall. Despite the trail being less then a mile long it does not disappoint. It was beautiful, there were so many trees and little streams, it was like walking though a fairy tail. Then you get to the waterfall. This was pretty amazing as well! Ill let the pictures do the talking about how beautiful it is!

After eating some lunch by the waterfall I decided I still had some time to check out more of the trail. I hiked on for another mile and a half, it was just as amazing as the beginning

My favortie flower form the hike

of the trail. There was another little waterfall and cute little flowers. Overall the hike was perfect so quite and calming, just what I needed. But I still had to hike down to my car and drive back to the hotel so I decided it was time to leave. After another long amazing drive I made it back to my hotel and crashed early so I could get up and head to Mt. Rainier.


Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier was a bit further from my hotel then Olympic was so I woke up a bit earlier and started the drive. This time I already knew where the highest point in the park was so I headed straight up to the top! The drive up was pretty, apparently every drive in a national park is bound to be amazing, but the view at the top was something else. Even though you are at the top of the drive most of Mt. Rainier is just sitting in front of you, and its still huge. I went in May and there is still tons of snow on the ground! I did not pack for snow at all so I didn’t do much hiking at the top, but don’t worry I plan on going back and hiking as high as I can!

Despite not being able to hike around the top of Mt. Rainier there is still plenty of park to

Narada Falls

see! So after enjoying the sights for a bit I grabbed a map and headed to a different trial! I took the drive down a bit slower this time so I could really enjoy the sights. Then stopped at the first trail that looked interesting to me. Which was Narada Falls, yes another waterfall! This trail was really short and not difficult at all, but the view of the waterfall is really all I wanted! It did not disappoint!


After getting sprinkled by the waterfall I headed back down once again. This time I hit a trail with a view of Mt. Rainier. Another small trail but at the end you come to a small river bed that looks right up and the top of Mt. Rainier. It was lunch time so I ate lunch near the river bed. At this point I was pretty tiered after spending 2 days driving so much and hiking so much I decided just to head back to the hotel. I plan on going back to Mt. Rainier any ways so I got in my car and headed back.

Mt. Rainer sticking out of the trees

Getting the chance to visit 2 National parks in 2 days was amazing. Kinda wore me out a bit but still worth it! National Parks are such amazing special places for me and I plan to visit many many more in the coming years!!

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